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You, your team, and People Report Best Practices events recharge and enlighten me.
People Report data is industry leading.
Joleen Goronkin, President at People and Performance Strategies
Ian Vaughn, COO at Raising Canes
Kat Cole, President, Cinnabon
Kelli Valade, COO at Chili’s, Brinker International, Inc.

Wallace B. Doolin

Chairman & Founder

A restaurant operator in heart with multi unit retail experience from the manager to the Chairman of the Board, now reinventing myself into a business intelligence and technology expert for the industry I love.


Frequently described as:
thoughtful, decisive, warm, distant, fun, serious, patience, demanding, passionate, a mentor, data geek and on the phone

Thought my career would be:
Family doctor until my freshman year of chemistry

Favorite Jobs so far:
restaurant manager, VP of Concept Development and Acquisitions, EVP of International, CEO of global company, CEO of small company, Chairman of the NRAEF, Founding Chairman of the Dine Out , speaker, Dad, Grandfather, son and friend

Best Life Accomplishments So Far:
Married and in love with my best friend and partner in business and life. The father of 4 wonderful children, grandfather to 8 lovely grandchildren and godfather to 2 beautiful girls. A passionate service leader for Share Our Strength, endowed a scholarship (with my wife) for women + minorities through the NRAEF. Served our country as a captain in the Army. The opportunity to lead several organizations and impact people's lives through a commitment to their development as well as the business results. Traveled the world building a global brand that created jobs and opportunity for thousands of people.